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Prosecutors did not know the truth

The prosecutor who dismissed Skånevik case never got to know that the Labour Inspectorate allowed divers to operate without reserve air. A young American died during a record dive. Now requires more that the case is resumed.
Season Premiere!  In a Norwegian fjord should Americans make the deepest dive ever work.  A dive that would ensure the future of Norway as an oil nation.  Something went terribly wrong, but authorities concluded that it was a success.  How was it possible?  And what has it done with those who lived on?
See Brennpunkt documentary "The deepest dive."
- I reacted strongly to the Labour Inspectorate omitted exemption to dive without reserve gas from its final report, says Svein Simonnæs, who was prosecutor in Oslo in 1978, and dropped the investigation after Skånevik dive.

- Had I been told Arbeidstilsynet allowed divers to work at 320 meters depth, without reserve air, I had of course asked that this was investigated properly, he said. Then I would not dismissed the case.
He looks serious on that dive was performed, without reserve air.

The report from after the investigation team has clearly been changed
The report from In The Investigation Commission has clearly been changed.PHOTO: SCREEN SHOT FROM AFTER INVESTIGATION COMMISSION'S REPORT
Labour Inspectorate had given dispensation to not use spare air on world record dive.
When they later also to investigate the accident omitted agency to mention the exemption, and concluded that the diver died of self-inflicted CO₂ poisoning. A cause of death which was contrary to the official autopsy report from Gades Institute in Bergen.

Norwegian divers made a secret investigation by the Labour Inspectorate investigation, and it is during this investigation that key witnesses were changed so that it appeared that the witnesses supported the Labour Inspection conclusion.

Demands for new scrutiny

Hogne Hongset in trade union Industri Energi.
- There is direct criminal that testimony is changed, and this should have been taken up again, says author Hogne Hongset.

He can look back on decades of oil industry and trade unions, and has been involved for North Sea Divers.

Yesterday documented NRK Brennpunkt how an official investigation report was changed after a fatal dive in Skånevikfjord . The dive was to prove that it was possible to lay pipes in the Norwegian Trench, but everything went wrong. A number of technical problems caused the diver David Hoover could not breathe gas and died.

- I am shocked, but not surprised how was put a lid on this matter. It shows how inflamed this matter was, says Hognset.

Also the former North Sea Divers, Jan Christian Warloe and Arne Jentoft, requires that the investigation of the accident is reviewed again.


Arve Kambe (H)
- I get embarrassed taste in the mouth, says Arve Kambe in Right, leader of Labour and Social Affairs Committee in Parliament.

- It is clear that fault reports and misinformation that is serious, whether it occurs in the 70s or today.
Kambe believes it is up to the police authorities to consider what to do with after the investigation report that was modified.

Labour Inspectorate said in a written statement that they can not decide which choice was made 37 years ago
Robert Eriksson
Robert Eriksson says finishing the North Sea diver cases.PHOTO: PEDERSEN, TERJE / NTB SCANPIX
Minister Robert Eriksson said today that he is finished with the North Sea diver matter, also with OSH investigation.

- In pursuit of the black gold, we have experienced too many tragic fates, says Eriksson.

- My focus today is that it should be safe and predictable working conditions for all workers in Norway, also those who work within diving. Norwegian authorities have for several years implemented a number of measures for monitoring of both Norwegian and foreign divers, said the minister.


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