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Contractor Non-Payment to Subcontractor

Subcontractors are protected in Louisiana from non-payment by the Contractor as described by the following: Louisiana RS 14:202 §202.  Contractors; misapplication of payments prohibited; penalty
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Submittals and Architect Responsibility

Submittals are NOT contract documents, but are only to demonstrate the way that the contractor proposes to conform with the design concept in the contract documents. Pursuant to AIA A201 2007: 3.12.4 Shop Drawings, Product Data, Samples and similar submittals are not Contract Documents. Their purpose is to demonstrate the way by which the Contractor proposes to conform to the information given and the design concept expressed in the Contract Documents for those portions of the Work for which the Contract Documents require submittals. Review by the Architect is subject to the limitations of Section 4.2. 7. Informational submittals upon which the Architect is not expected to take responsive action may be so identified in the Contract Documents. Submittals that are not required by the Contract Documents may be returned by the Architect without action.

The Deepest Dive

In a Norwegian fjord ten Americans are doing what no one has ever done before. They dive and work at a depth of 320 meters (1065 feet). The divers have to succeed to secure the future of an oil-nation. But something goes terribly wrong.     DRH Design

The Deepest Dive - Summary

It was called the inverted moon landing. The deepest work dives ever. It was the dive that would make Norway unimaginably rich. In retrospect, it was called a success. How was it possible when one died, one was injured and a third party as far as my life is preserved?

Norwegian oil and gas pipelines

For 30 years, the government adopted a series of pipelines over the 300m deep Norwegian Trench, without it having been proven methods to repair them. Timeline of events: Journalist Kjersti Knudssøn Synnøve Bakke

Prosecutors did not know the truth

The prosecutor who dismissed Skånevik case never got to know that the Labour Inspectorate allowed divers to operate without reserve air. A young American died during a record dive. Now requires more that the case is resumed.

It tore at every stage. I wondered if I would survive

He screamed with pain. The German doctor just stood and watched and smoked cigar, says Egil Eid. In 1972, planned and approved Arbeidstilsynet an attempt dives that could have ended fatally for him and Per Ludvigsen.