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RE: Vision-Dallas

There have been 3 winners announced for the Re: Vision-Dallas competition and are available for viewing at Entry 192: Forwarding Dallas Firm: Atelier Data & MOOV Lisbon, Portugal Authors: António Louro (MOOV), Filipe Vogt (Atelier Data), Marta Frazão (Atelier Data) Collaborators: André Almeida (Atelier Data), Carolina Pombo (Atelier Data), Inês Vicente (Atelier Data), José Niza (MOOV), João Calhau (MOOV) Landscape architecture: Susana Rodrigues Energy efficiency and resources: Maria João Rodrigues, João Parente Concept communication: João Rato Entry 136: Greenways Xero Energy Firm: David Baker and Partners Architects and Fletcher Studio San Francisco, CA Mark Hogan, Amit Price Patel, Ian Dunn, Amanda Loper From Fletcher Studio: David Fletcher, Sarah Donato Rendering assistance from Mike Brown and Megan Morris of Medized. Entry 113: Entangled Bank FIRM: Little Charlotte, North Carolina Team Me