Saturday, June 6, 2009

RE: Vision-Dallas

There have been 3 winners announced for the Re: Vision-Dallas competition and are available for viewing at

Entry 192: Forwarding Dallas

Firm: Atelier Data & MOOV
Lisbon, Portugal
Authors: António Louro (MOOV), Filipe Vogt (Atelier Data), Marta Frazão (Atelier Data)
Collaborators: André Almeida (Atelier Data), Carolina Pombo (Atelier Data), Inês Vicente (Atelier Data), José Niza (MOOV), João Calhau (MOOV)
Landscape architecture: Susana Rodrigues
Energy efficiency and resources: Maria João Rodrigues, João Parente
Concept communication: João Rato

Entry 136: Greenways Xero Energy

Firm: David Baker and Partners Architects and Fletcher Studio
San Francisco, CA
Mark Hogan, Amit Price Patel, Ian Dunn, Amanda Loper
From Fletcher Studio: David Fletcher, Sarah Donato
Rendering assistance from Mike Brown and Megan Morris of Medized.

Entry 113: Entangled Bank

FIRM: Little
Charlotte, North Carolina
Team Members:
Bradley Bartholomew, Ashley Spink, Stacy Franz, Kevin Franz, Kumar Karadi, Don Breemes, Coby Watts, Chad Lukenbaugh, Jason Bizzaro, Ryan Davis, Philippe Bouyer, Bo Sun

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RE: Vision Dallas - Sustainable Design Competition

Here is information about Re: Vision Dallas from Derek at Urban Revision - The goal of the competition is to find a winning design for the first a sustainable city block in the U.S. – which will be located in Dallas, Texas. This is not a proposed project. The land has been purchased and the supporting organizations are in place. All we need now is a winning design to get the development started.
Though the competition is open to anyone, we are specifically encouraging Students, Professors, Architects, Engineers, City Planners, Designers and Visionaries to enter Re:Vision DALLAS. The top three winning entries will receive $25,000 and honorable mentions will receive $1,000! The top three winners will receive a consultation with the non-profit organization leading the development, Central Dallas CDC, and may possibly be selected to contribute the final design for this multi-million dollar project.
Here is a link where you can learn all about the competition:
The Competition
Urban Re:Vision’s 6th competition in a series, Re:Vision DALLAS is an opportunity to create new site-specific designs that will transform an existing city block in Dallas into a model of sustainable practices. How will it change the landscape of the city, the region, and other urban settings around the country or the world? We invite you to be part of this ground-breaking effort and help lay the foundation for sustainable urban design.
Re:Vision DALLAS is a provocative idea. The challenges—and opportunities—on this scale are incredible. Visionary thinking is fundamental.
Competition Awards
The competition jury will award three cash prizes, and three honorable mentions. The prize for each of the three finalists is $25,000. The prize for each of the honorable mentions will be $1,000. The top three finalists will receive a consultation with Central Dallas CDC. These initial discussions do not guarantee that the winners will be hired. ALL CASH PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED.
By entering, you have to opportunity to participate in design and development of the first sustainable city block in the US. This competition is an opportunity to be a part of history.
Schedule and Timeline
•Competition Launch: January 26, 2009•Registration Deadline: April 15, 2009•Entry Deadline: May 8, 2009 by 11:59 pm PDT•Jury Session: May 2009•Winning Designs Announced: May 21, 2009
The panel of judge consists of the world's top architects and visionaries; Cameron Sinclair, Eric Corey Freed, Peter Head, Pliny Fisk and Sergio Palleroni.