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Houses are Getting Smaller

The AIA released some findings from their Home Designs Trends Survey from the first quarter of 2008, which discusses how, due to the weakened housing market, there is a trend to build smaller homes, which have greater accessibility for an aging populace, and a desire for spending money on improvements on the outside areas, which may be easier to do than improvements to the interior.

The story is located here:

For information on accessibility in homes, please review the design manual for the Fair Housing Act located here:

Flood-Proof Houses

There is an interesting article located here:

It discusses houses located in the Netherlands and Pointe Coupee Parish in Louisiana that utilize a buoyant foundation made of expanded polystyrene to raise the house in flood waters. The house is connected to poles on either side, which keep the house anchored to the site.

Elizabeth English, who is with the Louisiana State University Hurricane Center, stated that she has met resistance from FEMA and local building departments, since the housing type is currently not covered under the International Building Code.