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Home Alarms

When I first moved back to Louisiana, I was reviewing my home security due to the crime in neighboring New Orleans. I discussed a few different possibilities with the local and national alarm companies, but they wanted to remove all of the current equipment, which was only a few years old, and start from scratch. Luckily, I found a company online that sells directly to the consumer at and decided to give them a try. The package was delivered to my home in a few days, and once I unpacked it and reviewed the manuals, I panicked. It seemed to be very difficult to program, and I was very concerned that I made the wrong decision. I spent the next few months searching for someone that I could pay to install or just program the system, but unfortunately, I could not find anyone to help. I eventually went to the Home Security Store's forum site, and there were a large group of average homeowners in the same predicament. I read a few posts, and then de