Thursday, February 28, 2008

Home Alarms

When I first moved back to Louisiana, I was reviewing my home security due to the crime in neighboring New Orleans. I discussed a few different possibilities with the local and national alarm companies, but they wanted to remove all of the current equipment, which was only a few years old, and start from scratch. Luckily, I found a company online that sells directly to the consumer at and decided to give them a try.

The package was delivered to my home in a few days, and once I unpacked it and reviewed the manuals, I panicked. It seemed to be very difficult to program, and I was very concerned that I made the wrong decision. I spent the next few months searching for someone that I could pay to install or just program the system, but unfortunately, I could not find anyone to help.

I eventually went to the Home Security Store's forum site, and there were a large group of average homeowners in the same predicament. I read a few posts, and then decided to tackle setting up the alarm myself. The forum provided help for the individual systems, and also
recommended using the very helpful technical support, that was provided for free. Whenever I ran into a problem, I would email tech support and within a very short time an answer would arrive that was very easy to understand.

I was able to hook the system up within a weekend, and it has worked beautifully ever since. I have even ordered a few more pieces of equipment to add to my system. If you like to tinker around the house, then you can really save some money. They also offer a monitoring service for under $10 a month.